10 Must Have items for your daughters “Frozen” bedroom

  1. frozen A Frozen inspired bed skirt! Who wouldn’t enjoy this cute, easy DIY idea.
  2. frozen2  This easy idea doubles as a nightlight!  Always read the safety warnings and Instructions before use. I would highly suggest battery operated lights like these Addlon LED Starry String Lights so you can keep them high away from little hands.
  3. frozen 3 And of course, the comforter! I absolutely love this set. It’s cute and frilly and has the same colors as the frozen theme, without having the cheesy frozen picture. Maybe its just me, but I’m really not a big fan of character bedding. Not to mention, when your daughter grows out of the “Frozen” faze, you can still use it! I found this bedding HERE .
  4. frozen4 Because who doesn’t want an upholstered Elsa and Anna chair? FIND IT HERE
  5. frozen5 Snaz up your walls with a personalized snowflake decal. I am totally getting this for my daughter. She is going to LOVE that her name is on the wall, not to mention its cheap! Get it here
  6. frozen6  This is a cute and easy way to add a little sparkled to your frozen room! A little sparkle goes a long way. Just DIY. If you don’t have the time to DIY or your really just not an artsy person, you can get this Here.
  7. frozen 7 Who doesn’t love chunky letters!!! Great for walls, and shelves!  You can also get just 1 simple letter like the first letter in your child’s first name, and place it on your photo/décor wall. Buy some letters at your local Michaels and DIY or get this at ETSY.
  8. frozen7  I love the pom pom balls that you hang from your ceiling! It really gives people the feeling that you know what the hell your doing when decorating. Ashley Thunder shows you how!
  9. frozen 9 Now I for one am a huge CURTAINS fan. I think they can MAKE or BREAK whatever look your going for. These curtains, well actually it’s a garland, are Seriously perfect for the ultimate frozen room. They are a bit pricey but totally worth it, and you can actually customize them to your liking. Find them HERE

And Last is pillows! I love pillows. They can be a huge focal point in any room. You can have a completely mismatched room, but throw the right pillow in there, and everything suddenly just comes together. frozen10Now of course you have to get a pillow with one of the quirky or inspiring sayings from the movie! and you can find this <—- one HERE. frozen 10You can also make a cute color coordinated pillow like this —> one! LEARN HOW


Domestic Booby Abuse!!

Miserable. Scared. Inadequate. Unhappy. Mortified. These are just a few of the feelings I have when my child lets out his hungry cry. I know its coming. He stares at my boobs as he screams. I pick him up, pull down my shirt, and watch in slow motion as he opens his mouth, reaches out his little claws, and ATTACKS my nipple. “OUCH!” I’m pretty sure he has completely forgotten that we just went through this routine an hour and a half ago. Its almost like watching a pie eating contest.

  1. Get in position
  2. Eye the boob as if you’ve starved yourself for 3 days waiting for this moment
  3. RAM your face, chomp your gums and hold on for dear life until that boob is beat up, sucked up, and LIFELESS.

You know this isn’t what I imagined when I read the breastfeeding articles. They said “ Its beautiful! “, “Its a great bonding experience ” , and my favorite  “ Your child will gaze lovingly into your eyes “. YEP I call BULLSHIT! My son has not once….. not once! gazed lovingly into my eyes. As soon as he latches he always seem to look the other way, as if embarrassed about the actions that are taking place.

Now all of that aside, with my daughter it was fine. She did gaze and look at me like I was the only person in the world. She was also very attached. Well 3 years later and she’s totally a daddy’s girl. Thanks hun! You’ve joined the dark side.

Now back to my little booby abuser. Is it a boy thing? Just another man that thinks he can handle my lady lumps any which way he can? HELLO! You know I can feel that right? right??? Yes I feel that bite, yes I feel that scratch, and hell yes I feel you trying to rip my boob off of my body!

Is this just a faze? What happens when your teeth come in? Is it absolutely necessary that you scratch? Am I not producing enough milk? Is it not coming out fast enough?

Well, I have decided there is only one solution. IM TAKING MY BOOBIES BACK!!!! Ok, well not totally. I guess they belong to the breast pump now…… and I guess they still belong to him at night, when there is just no way in hell that I will get up to pump. So I guess I’m not taking them back…… I’ll just have to wait another 6 months until you drink cow’s milk. Well, on the Brightside! I am already half way there 🙂



You put WHAT in your french toast???

Soooo I woke up today totally lazy. Not wanting to do anything. Wanting to go back to sleep. Ya know…..just like everyday that I wake up. BUT It’s Sunday. BREAKFAST day. The day my husband is usually off work so I make a big yummy breakfast. Today I needed something sweet! And what is sweeter than French toast? MMM mmm my favorite! And my husband just brought this really yummy bread home from work. I have no idea  what kind it is. A basic sliced white bread I guess. But its thick and the slices are huge! I have been waiting to use it for something like this. So anyways, I get in the kitchen and start everything. make the eggs and bacon and beans. I start making the egg mix for the French toast and I realize….. I don’t have any milk OR vanilla. SHIT. Two MAIN ingredients. Well time to improvise!  And do what moms do best. Add random stuff that I have and hope it turns out edible :). So I mixed the eggs together, added some melted butter (hopefully it will add some creaminess?), added some cinnamon, and then I added the only thing in my fridge that I have that makes sense. FRENCH VANILLA COFFEE CREAMER (gasp)! I’m a mother-loving genious. And let me tell you…. that french toast tasted soo good. Seriously. If I  was a random person and had no idea about what was in it, I would never take a bite and think ( This totally tastes like french vanilla coffee creamer). My husband ate it and had no clue until I told him. But I think its the best french toast I’ve ever made honestly. Just add some chopped bananas, powdered sugar, and syrup and you’ve pretty much got yourself a masterpiece. If I didn’t look totally rediculous doing it, I would do the superwoman pose. Except I wouldn’t have the great hair and super sexy super hero outfit. I would have the mom bun, oversized shirt with egg goo on it, and basic black unnatractive leggings that i just slept for 8 hours in. So I’ll just skip that whole ordeal and save face!  Anywhoo Here is a  pik of my creation. If you decide to do this also, I hope you comment and tell me what you think!


Dinner! Just threw a lil sumthin together

Literally! I just grabbed a few things from my fridge and cupboard and threw that shit together. BrokeMama style. I think the best creations come from having nothing, and turning it into something that your family asks for over and over again. Tonight my creation wasn’t much of a “creation”. I would just call it a chicken bake. My 3 year old said it “smells weird mom!”, and that I put bugs in it…. no honey that’s BACON! You know the things that makes EVERYTHING taste better…. DUH child. “Face palm” Who the heck is even raising you??

Anyways… after the whole weird smell and bug fiasco, she declared it was yummy. Good enough for me! Cause we have leftovers! My husband says it needs another can of cream of chicken, and he doesn’t like his cheese crispy on top. He is a lunatic! How on earth could you not like yummy crispy cheese melted onto anything!!! I guess he is more of the “gooey” cheese type. I’m all for gooey cheese also. I’m all for any type of cheese! Who the hell isn’t? Just don’t cut the cheese! Oh god I made a cheesy joke…. Ok you know, I’m just gunna shut up with the cheese. But I think I’m damn hilarious!

Now! To the cooking part… first! the ingredients. Some chicken, pea20160318_185826‘s, bacon, noodles, crackers, cream of chicken,  and cheese! Just cook the noodles and the chicken and the bacon and the cream of chicken (add 1 more can for extra creaminess).  I seasoned the chicken with garlic powder and lemon pepper. Mix all that into a bowl and add crushed crackers and cheese! Bake at 375 uncovered for 15-20 minutes and you got yourself and edible meal for the fam!


Handy Dandy Cracker Crusher!

It was actually really good though. I had seconds and thirds….! If I added hot sauce I probably would have had 4ths! I’m a tapatio feen. yumm.


Stressed and Regressed

For my first blog, I’m going to write about something that has been bugging me… and worrying me. When my daughter, Catalina was 2.5 we had her fully potty trained. It happened in 3 days! It was great. She did pee in the bed a few times for the first few monthskikilina, but she really got the hang of it after awhile. Seven months later, we welcomed our baby boy AJ. Catalina is a great big sister!  Then 4 short months later we moved two States. From California to Washington. A month after moving, Kiki (Catalina) has really regressed in her potty training. She has accidents twice, sometimes three times a day. I ask her why she didn’t use the potty and she gives me the same answer every time, “sometimes I don’t wait for the potty mommy”. My bathroom is filled with hanging wet underwear that I’ve had to wash out and hang up. I am literally up to my ears in underwear people! I just don’t know what to do. I know anger isn’t the way. I’m pretty positive she is regressing because of all the changes happening so fast. And they are still coming! We’ve been staying at a relatives 1 bedroom condo, and are moving into our new apartment soon. I also don’t think I should put her back in diapers. That’s pretty much telling her its ok to go back and pee in your pants. GAH!  Poopy diapers and pee pee underwear is MY LIFE at the moment! All I keep telling myself is “she needs you mommy”. I try to give her extra attention, even though that is really hard with a crawling baby. and I try to be sensitive to her feelings. I have signed her up for martial arts in hopes that it will give her more structure, and a fulfillment that she is missing right now. Wish my sweet girl luck in her potty endeavours! And pray for my sanity haha.